To Build A House

Janelle Ogg - 1996

For months all we did was wait wait wait wait
Can we start now please before its too late?
The city finally said Go Ahead
Good! It might get done before we are dead.

Oh colos and carpets, bath tiles and paint.
When will this be done? I'm ready to faint.
Try try though I might, there's always a catch
Though fine in the store, back home they don't match.

Too many decisions, no more choices
I try to sleep but keep hearing voices
Relax and be calm, my husband hushes
I simply want a toilet that flushes.

My energetic husband ... bless his heart
I'll do all the wiring, where shall I start?
I've saved vacation and worked out a plan
He did it himself, what a bright man!

Hammer a finger? Does hurt quite a bit!
Please leave me alone ... I'm having a fit.
Must you climb that? It's awfully tall.
I love you so much, oh please do not fall.

The clerks at Yardbirds all know us by name.
Just think of all the new friends we can claim.
Too hot! Too cold! Work on the house today?
Please, please!! The children cry, just let us play!

We tried our best and did what we could
Spilling blook sweat and tears on brand new wood!
Don't worry; its only time and money.
After it all, you still are my honey!

It all turned out fine, we're happy to say
To God be the glory! He led the way.
The workers all done have left us alone
Our next project planned? ... make this house a home.

This poem was written by Janelle to surprise Richard at a
formal poetry night shortly after they moved into their new home.

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