Apr 20, 2014

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Welcome to the Santa Rosa Youth Basketball League web site. This league is operated as a direct ministry of Santa Rosa Bible Church and is not affiliated with Rincon Valley Christian School, a separate ministry of our church. As a ministry of Santa Rosa Bible Church, we endeavor to honor and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the league.

Our league is designed for youth ages 5-14 to learn and play basketball in a positive environment each year. Players of the youngest ages participate in "Mini-Hoops" only. Players ages 7 or 8 through 14 (varies annually) are organized by gender and age, and they generally practice or play one game each week November through February except for Christmas break. See the Calendar for details.

The league does not discriminate between gender nor a family's religious affiliation. However, we will neither compromise our honoring of Christ nor biblical principles in deference to other religious persuasions.

Basketball is an athletically demanding sport, but we do occasionally make accommodations for a child's physical disabilities. This should be addressed with the league leadership at the time of sign-ups. Please contact the church office for contact information.

We think that most questions will be answered on one of the pages of this web site. (See the multi-level menu on the left.) If you cannot find the answer to your question, you may phone the church office and they will put you into the voice mailbox for the basketball program. The church office does not have any information that is not posted on this site.

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